Sunday, 20 April 2014

Derbyshire, Priestcliffe

I went to Derbyshire for a week and was amazed by the wildlife. I will list all the stuff we have spotted through the week:

Meadow pipit; Tree pipit; Skylark flying high in the air and calling; pied wagtail; white wagtail in garden; chaffinch; blue tit; great tit; long-tailed tit; marsh tit; coal tit; nuthatch; treecreeper; goldfinch;  bullfinch; greenfinch; linnet again feeding in our garden; redstart which is surprisingly new for me but still beautiful; wood warbler; willow warbler; chiffchaff; pied flycatcher which is new, saw a pair of them; great spotted woodpecker; dipper and one showing characteristics of cinclus; curlews calling; peregrine; sparrow hawk; hen harrier; kestrel; buzzard; grey wagtail; mallard; tufted duck; collared dove; wood pigeon; red grouse which is another new one; wren; song thrush; mistle thrush; 30 fieldfare which is surprisingly late!; wheatears; ring ouzel which is new; robin; and possible nightingale seen flying into hawthorn.

So great variety of birds and about three new ones that takes me to about 199 birds...

Regards Biff

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Sorry forgot date when went :/

I'll list what We saw over the day, overall it was fairly disappointing:

Kingfisher; coot; moorhen; bittern; shoveler; tufted duck; mallard; gadwall; chiffchaff; willow warbler then at the end a man earlier who my Grandma and I made friends with he showed us two adult male garganey. Which is new for me, nearing to my 200!!!

Regards Biff