Monday, 23 November 2015

Smew, Corsham Lake. Lifer in Wiltshire! 22/11/2015

Hi, after checking the local bird reports I noticed that the Smew that wintered last year on Corsham Lake had returned. These (inevitably) are a rare bird for an inland site, let alone Wiltshire. It was a female with a stunning coppery red head: pristine winter plumage.

Just before my footie match yesterday - Sunday - I informed my Dad of this treat ten minutes away, he was very obliging. Off we went 2 hours before kick off to enjoy the splendour of this diving duck.

As soon as we arrived I noticed it; the beautifully delicate build coupled with the incessant diving gave the bird a unique jizz. Surprisingly tame the bird drifted to within 4-5 metres of me which I'm sure is a very unique experience. Passers by were oblivious to its presence only interested in feeding the hybrid Call Ducks further down... This has spurred me on to visit this site more often as it's so close, previous records include all the Grebes apart from Slavonian which could set my target of finding the missing link although highly unlikely! However, it is a very public area therefore disturbance is a nuisance, but could work in my favour as birds could become (as the Smew has) very accustomed to our presence, allowing fantastic photographic opportunities!

Before you're displeased with my pixelated shots, take my word for it, I'll be back for more. Hopefully an hour session to get one magical capture.

Enough of this jibber-jabber let's see the star of the show, I present the Smew:

Comparison between a Great-Crested Grebe.

Great-Crested Grebe. Juvenile, or should I say 1st winter?

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