Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Bedwyn Commoon (Savernake Forest) & WOS 40th Anniversary meeting 29th Novemeber 2014

Hi, what a day! The number of birds was astounding and the quality was impressive to say the least! Our first stop was Bedwyn Common, part of the great Savernake Forest. It as usual (it seems for this winter) was very mild and did make it easier for me, as I seem to be disabled from ringing once I'm cold!

After we had cleared the rides for 7 nets, 2 for Redwing, 1 for Goldcrests and the rest for anything else, it was off! Now it was dawn and we had already seen some migratory birds including redwing and Woodcock both fly just over the nets. Paul A told me that one flew into it and popped out because it wasn't a wader net! That was annoying and just after he said that a big blob was found at the bottom shelf, you guessed it Woodcock! We extracted a few other birds on the way, being mostly Blue Tits.

Our first few net rounds were incredible, Tit after Tit after Tit did prove repetitive at times but was sure good practice in extractions, at one point Matt had to say sit down to me because I wasn't much use at the time and there were far to many birds in the net! Once we extracted a few rounds we started the ringing, it was an epic...

We ringed 31 Redwing in total which is a pretty impressive, using the ever more profound Latvian lure. One Redwings however, caught our attention, "111 wing" Adam stated (which is unusually short) we took a good look and noticed the supercillium was less buff and a clean white also it has less streaking on the breast, we suspect it to bo a different subspecies, I will inform you otherwise.

After a few Redwing it was the grand reveala wader that was found in the woods...
A Woodcock, and the first time I've ever seen it properly. All the time it has been fleeting views, this time I was allowed to have a fantastic examination. 
I was even allowed another "head on view"!
We checked the wing as well...
What a fantastic bird ay? Tits had become a pest now and alarmed Matt! So we quickly extracted the last remaing few until we reached an absolutely ridiculous value... 300! 
This bird didn't make the trip any easier! So another fantastic day with loads of things to be happy about.

Here is the full list, thanks to: 

Woodcock 1, Jay 1, Redwing 31, Blue Tit 111 (7), Coal Tit 39 (5), Marsh Tit 2 (2), Great Tit 25 (1), Long Tailed Tit 9, Treecreeper 1, Goldcrest 16, Nuthatch 3, Chaffinch 26 (1), Bullfinch 2, Robin 6 (2), Blackbird 2 (1), Dunnock 6 (1), Great Spotted Woodpecker 2 

WOS 40th Anniversary 

Following on from the ringing session Matt and I went to the 40th Anniversary of WOS. It was great to meet up with some local birders, some were incredibly knowledgeable. I met up with Peter Cranswick - Programme Manager of Threatened Species for WWT, he was greast to talk to. I don't know yeat but I'm hopeful that he has saved a slot for me and my work experience there, fingers crossed! 

Another interesting Woman who told me about the Swift Project in Bradford on Avon. She gave me some useful tips & tricks. Recently I have been looking at wood hinges and nails for making the boxes, all I need now is to contact WOS!

Thanks for nearly 5000 views guys!


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