Saturday, 9 January 2016

"Mama"... My Grandma's great shot 8th January 2016


I seem to be on a bit of spree recently blog wise, but what's the bother? I seem to be enjoying it.
My Grandma visited Darts Farm (one of my popular birding haunts while in Devon) yesterday, eager to find a bit of white this Christmas, but no of course not snow, an Egret!

This was no ordinary Egret however, it was a Cattle, one that I have yet to see. I thought letting out my jealousy on this blog would be a way of terminating my bereavement. Both shots are from my old Canon SX50hs which looks to me like it's still producing the goods, bear in mind quality affected by email, but I hope you can appreciate what the original would be like...
Possibly a bit over exposed however I should - while with my Grandma - help resolve these issues. The prey in its mouth is in fact a Worm.
Great picture for comparison: note yellow bill of Cattle Egret (foreground), more compact look and shorter neck also straw coloured legs. 
So very Pleased with my Granny AKA Mama for producing a couple of good shots. I hope to use more of her's in the near future. 


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