Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Rodborough Common, Gloucestershire 1st August 2015

Hi, 2 days ago I went to the National Trust site, Rodborough Common, which turns out to be famous for its Butterflies. The day started off slowly with us being sitauated along side at least 100 other people. Not giving a damn on what they might be disturbing!

Six-Spotted Burnet and Marbled White were the first few interesting species of the day, with the Six-Spots almost flying constantly in search of a mate. Roesel's Bush Cricket quickly followed with one nestled in between thousands of other Meadow Grasshoppers. While looking at thistles a moth popped up and after other people finding them and posting them on the internet I instantly knew it was, a Dusky Sallow, a first for me! One surprising find was a female Emperor quartering the grassland just in front of us, a bit lost I expect!

After having lunch we decided to walk it off by trekking round the less disturbed hill sides. This was when the first few Essex Skippers started to appear and a distant Blue started to take shape fleeting round at a pace.We carried onto the spot we took sight of it then suddenly loads started to come round. At first I believed it to be the generic Common Blue. However it came clear to me, we're on a hillside and it's made of chalk, chalk + hill + blue butterfly = Chalk Hill Blue! Finally one of my most wanted finds had arrived in force...

It has to be the most characteristic species of chalk hill landscapes... Out of the hundereds of Males we only saw 1 female sitting quietly by the side of the path, suggesting the other Females were hiding deep in the herbage surrounding us. I only had one thing I couldn't identify, this Beetle... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

One thing that brought a smile to my face was the lack of other paths spilling out from either side of the main one. Obviously people knew not to disturb the pristine habitat that was situated beside them.  Next year I have to come here earlier on in the hope of finding the Duke of Burgundy Fritillary, what a sensation that would be!

Pleasant walk and well chuffed to have seen the Chalk Hill Blue!

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