Monday, 28 July 2014

Ringing: Marlborough Downs 21st June 2014

Hi, yet another early morning but worth it....

Matt, both the Paul's, and I went To the Marlborough downs carrying on the Tree Sparrow project.
We First ringed a few TS pulli then went on to a fantastic equestrian farm that had an amazing population of Swallow. We ringed a few pulli that were amazing.

Another surprise was in store though we went up to a large metal barn that had two horses in training. All looked normal until further inspection revealed 3 kestrels sat on the supports. Matt swiftly used his ladder and climbed to collect them. While he was getting all of them the woman told us that the pair of kestrels had been nesting their for 3-4 years, which proves their reluctance to stay here. Matt had come down by now and surprised us with 5 beautiful chicks that did have an attraction to his hand! I wasn't able to ring these because of their vicious beak and talons and lack of experience.

Brilliant day out that really built my confidence in holding the TS pulli.

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