Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Devon, the christmas period

Hi, sorry for the late posts, I have sat some Science mock exams recently. You'll be glad to know I have done well :)

Back to the fantastic holiday, as usual we were based round the Exe estuary, a fantastic wide estuary with many important bird wintering here. The star bird then (and at the moment) is a triplet of Penduline Tits. These breed in Northern France and just as close in Denmark. However they haven't made it to Britain yet as a breeding species. I was desperate to see these beauties, sadly I'll have to wait another year or so... There was not timing involved with this triplet, all down to luck if you see them. However, you have to be in it to win it!

I regularly went round the estuary seeing what was around, always a lot of waders and a beautiful setting. I tried to be artistic with this shot...
This is a black-tailed Godwit, the Exe is an important wintering ground for these with over 1000 in and around the estuary. Avocets are of course a key feature of the Exe, with an apparent record of 700+ being sited this winter.
Another recent winter visitor has made its home here with at least 2 nearly all year round. But what is it?
This feeding technique is very characteristic of it, one final clue
One on the left

Yes, it's a Spotted Redshank, incredibly pretty in the summer with a black appearance. One day my Grandma (who has been my driving force in birdwatching and has helped me everywhere, and has take me to the outer hebrides and Coll, which I will never forget) treated my Dad and I to a tour on the estuary. The star was THE Slavonian Grebe
I have never seen one before and to find it myself was brilliant. Even my Dad showed some interest! A few Ringed Plover and yet more Spotted Redshank resulted in a fantastic trip. Later on in the week we went to the Tamar estuary, it was nice to see the large reed beds, I am really surprised that no one goes here. Anyway, fantastic week, fantastic christmas with an absolute pile of bird books given!

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