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Bird Ringing, Kennet Valley 28th February 2015

again these blogs aren't coming thick and fast... I'm not trying to make up excuses and admit I'm a lazy tike, but bear with me! Most of you should be pretty amazed that a teenage boy is able to make a blog considering all the responsibilites such as tidying a bedroom, packing your bag every morning, being on social media, gaming etc. etc. ;) Nope, I've decided it's time for a revamp, and what can be better than ringing in Wiltshire?

Yes, I was in Wiltshire with my trainer, Matt, and my fellow apprentice Paul. We were ringing one of the most beautiful sites in Wiltshire, THE, Kennet Valley. This lovely valley, with a beautiful river, wamping willows and Lesser Redpolls... Oh wait, none are in southern England this year are they! All these characteristic birds are normally ubiquitous (sorry for the fantastic word, it means everywhere. Used it in recent English test and was very proud, and so should you be) however, this year most have shifted to Eastern Europe and Asia which has left us with a drought of their trill :( So were left with (probably) the better song of the Cetti's Warbler having a blast in the undergrowth, this time though it's explosive call didn't reach the net.

Although the Lesser Redpolls weren't here, Reed Buntings were. Not a lot to be honest! But catching a five year old was the highlight for me, beautiful-scientific-research. It even had the decency to wave for you...
The wind did at least! Here's the old man behaving like a proper gentleman.
Posing for the ladies, as one would expect :) 

Blue Tits as usual dominated the catch with 45 in total! Just where do they come from? Here are some shots, which on reflection are awful, as they don't give a true representation of the beauty.

Can you pick out the mist nets in the first photo? Yes? Well you shouldn't they're meant to be invisible, at least for the birds. 

So great day, with one stand out performer. 

Here's the list: Blue Tit 29 (16), Great Tit 13 (4), Coal Tit 2 (1), Goldcrest 1, Chaffinch 6, Goldfinch 1, Dunnock 4 (2), Robin 3 (1), Wren 1, Reed Bunting 0 (1) thanks to 

Hope to post more frequently now it's the holidays, phewwwww


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