Sunday, 12 April 2015

A little Thankyou...

although this isn't a real milestone it was still a nice surprise to receive so many kind comments on my blog recently. I've tried to add a touch of comedic value while still informing you with some birdy facts. This blog is definitely not for money and fame but it is kinda nice to come back and rather see 10 views in a day, see a 100! It shows I'm doing one thing right :) I'll try and keep this up and not get sucked into the education system and not enjoy my time blogging!

What I wanted to talk about is what it has become!

I originally made this blog as a more exciting substitute to keeping records in a diary. This has certainly fulfilled my expectations and by making new online friends is always a real joy! Another rubbish milestone, but I have made 83 posts now and each time I post a new one the support persists and improves!

I'm here to thank you for helping me (me, me, me, me, me!) ;) actually keep a record of what I've done and seen. My Grandma would certainly agree as I never used to do anything and was a secret ornithologist! If it wasn't for your encouraging messages I wouldn't know what I had done a week ago! It really helps :)

My final point, Twitter. The blog and Twitter has allowed me to talk to you and other birders, some as young as me like Ben, Ellis and Noah which is always nice. Recently as seen on my previous blog ( David) I have even met my friends, and I hope to meet others close by and will also contact of near you on an adventure!

Hope to please your birding and natural world needs into the future!

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