Thursday, 7 January 2016

Cornwall, January 2nd 2016

quick last report of what I saw on my last day down in Cornwall. I decided to stopover at Marazion on the way home for an authentic Cornish Pasty (what a joy) and in hope of finding the unfortunate Hudsonian Whimbrel. My plan of eating a pasty prevailed but my Whimbrel was to no avail, nonetheless 2 brilliant species made the visit worth while along with the pasty. 

The first was a "melanistic Pied Wagtail" that I called to my Mum and Dad which was flitting around on a a large stone wall, little did I realise that it was a pristine adult male Black Redstart giving fabulous views: 

After another good look around the few Waders on the seashore, I picked up a small dark one delicately picking up small crustaceans under stones, not a Turnstone but a Purple Sandpiper. Views obtained (as usual) were close and personal but constant "hurry up" cries failed me to land satisfactory shots. The first two are of the bird I saw today with a Turnstone in the background, the second couplet are of the views I obtained 9 months ago:

Just look at these beauties!

Believe it or not they swim!
Not a disappointing day without the - dare I say it - bland Hud Whimbrel! 

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