Monday, 23 December 2013

Kenidjack 21/12/13

Hi this is my first post and a rather exciting one. I started off by walking from St. Just down through the fields towards the sewerage works. there was nothing of note just a few blackbirds and magpies pecking into the ground.

I arrived at the works walking between the two sides. The first bird I saw was a nice wren singing away then a few goldfinches that flew towards the coast. I then turned the corner and as usual found one of those little old world warbler critters. It looked like a normal chiffchaff however I thought had a stronger yellow tinge than normal. i first thought it looked like a willow warbler but remembered that they don't live here at this time of year. Another fellow birder had a chat with me and also said that he had seen a very yellow chiffchaff in the winter maybe he saw the same one and while we were chatting i spotted a very nice pair of bull finches (the other birds that were found: pied wagtails, robins, blackbird and a woodpigeon. After half an hour of mingling with the bird I carried on down the valley.

I was thinking of the possibilities of what the bird could be. An Iberian chiffchaff, maybe? Anyway there were a few more goldfinches flying aroundwhen travelling down the valley so looked very promising for an unusual bird! I first saw a few goldcrests and chaffinches going around through the shrubs. I finally reached the end of the valley and apsaw a few stonechats on the gorse. Then suddenly unusually a wagtail flew from the rocks It then landed further on by the sea. I noticed though that it had a darker head so it made me think of a black headed. Just a mother one of those controversial birds that you need a good look at to identify. I labeled it as a possibility. 

I then walked back a very happy boy with a possible new bird to add to the list. When I arrived back home I told my Grandad  about my discoveries he was very jealous about his favourite bird the Bullfinch . 

Regards Alexander

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