Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Kenidjack again... 22/12/13

Hi guys,
I decided to try my luck again down in kenidjack valley. I was a very slow start with hardly a bird in sight with only a few wrens chatting away. So we arrived at the sewerage works with that a annoying elusive chiffchaff that just didn't fit the description. My granny said to carry on so I followed.

There was barely anything probably sheltering from the windy weather. On,y a few gulls in the opposing fields and blackbirds. We carried on further down the valley and saw a few great tits and chaffinches in the blackthorn. But this wasn't enough so my granny journeyed back home however we thought to get down to the beach.

When we arrived there was a lot of activity with a few rock pipits feeding by the rock pools and then suddenly, a wagtail arrived from the back of a rock. Was it the black headed, NO. It was just a bog standard grey wagtail :(. We then spotted a bird with a nip right red chest i quickly focused my binoculars on it and what a beautiful stonechat in total there were three jumping around the beach. I'm still trying to distinguish the difference between a common and a Siberian also a Caspian. so overall still a nice walk .

Regards, Alexander

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