Monday, 1 September 2014

Off to Barra, interesting prospect not much to follow... 18th August 2014

Hi, Good nights sleep but sad to leave everyone at the fantastic Gatliff Trust Howmore hostel! We had a great time and hope to catch up with a few.

Before heading down south another visit to Martyn's was a good idea, he was really kind and considerate also made for a good chat! Outside his house/Nature Reserve on Clachan Pools we found 4 Dunlin, 7 Lapwing and a Redshank...

The habitat outside his house looks rather promising with all the mud and machair side by side. I have already told you just what is held outside his front door such as a breeding pair of Spotted Crake, can't get over that! We raced down the refined roads and spotted at the south of South Uist! A beautiful Wheatear and a one-legged Rock Pipit kept us company!
We carried along this road and soon came across another Female Ringtail Hen Harrier! It was hard to get a photo, and the ones aren't worth showing. A few more stubble fields followed with one holding a scarecrow acting as an attraction!
Yes, lapwings again filled the fields with a few Golden plovers here and there. Who could forget the Ruff though? Sure enoguh we soon across a couple of birds...
The other was quite shy!
Not much else happened after that. Oh, can't forget waiting in the car for the Eriskay ferry while my Grandma needed to go to the toilet but couldn't because her door was broken and I wasn't budging! Hehehe, mischevious fiend... You'll be glad to know I did have some heart after 15 minutes ;)

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