Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas Eve birding! Cot valley & kenidjack valley

Hi guys had a really nice day birding today with a nice variety with a few highlights.

I started the birding say off by walking down cot valley. I didn't here any birds or see any when clambering down the hill so my hopes were low. I started off by walking down the middle of the valley but then heard many different birds on the left and side so thought I'd investigate...

The first few birds that i spotted were great tits and blue tits. next came the goldfinches and the chaffinches. All were very nice and fairly tame! After about 10 minutes a small warbler came from the bushes, the head had the distinctive goldcrest it was a goldcrest. A lovely bird to find in winter as it's so puffed up. But after while they seemed to get bored and flew down to the trees in the middle of valley, and as I was still curious about what other birds tagged along. I found a fairly large finch with a brown white-spotted back at first I thought it was a juvenile goldfinch but knew that they wouldn't be in that plumage at this time of year so didn't have any idea!

I then walked down to the bottom of the valley and saw absolutely nothing else. So I slowly but surely with the wind blowing against me walked up the side of the valley to my beloved kenidjack valley. When about to walk into the valley I saw a beautiful female peregrine fly straight in front of me.

After another 10 minutes of walking I arrived at the donkey paddock and had a nice stroke also fed the donkey some grass. After that I had walked to the middle of the valley and found yet another beauty, the bullfinch only one female but still lovely to know that there's a stable population. I carried on walking up the valley sadly didn't encounter any other nice surprises but still enjoyed it!

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