Friday, 3 January 2014

St Ives friday 27th december 2013

It was grannies birthday so she decided that going to St Ives would be a good idea. To be honest I wasn't that excited and thought that there'd be nothing to look at except tourists.

Oh and how wrong was I we started by walking beside the sea near the public toilets. I found around 20 turnstones and a few oystercatchers flying across the ocean.

After walking for a while we stopped off at a restaurant by the sea to have lunch and a nice sit down. I had a burger that was delicious then wanted to go outside. Mum, Dad and I went out for a bit of fresh air and lucky it was a bit hot in there as 3 purple sandpipers a new species for me were waiting out there. it was such a coincidence that a few minutes earlier I was talking about how much I wanted to see one. While looking around I spotted a very light coloured shag maybe just an unusually bright individual but still a bit odd.

A few hours later I went into a shop and found a beautiful avocet sculpture that i reluctantly bought. Another short while after that we stumbled across a flock or around 150 waders that were circulating some rocks. I thought that they were some ringed plovers by the size and habitat.

A horrible day that turned into a fantastic one with another new species added to my list

Wiki purple sandpiper

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