Monday, 20 January 2014

Slimbridge 5/1/14

Sorry about the wait. Went to Slimbridge to see the little stints that have settled in for at least a week back then. My Mum, Dad and I first went to the Holden Tower to see the flooded dumbles. There wasn't much luck on the rarities side of it though. however, the sheer number of common birds ( dunlin, lapwing, golden plover)was amazing. After spending an hour watching this spectacle I journeyed onto the next hide, the Zeiss hide. People had been reporting 4 avocets 1 ad. And 3 juveniles again we didn't find such a thing.

The "Last Hope" was the Kingfisher hide we saw no unusual birds on the bird feeders however my Dad looked over at the front of the hide and said "Is that a water rail". I walked over found the bird and was certainly a water rail, finally a nice bird to look at. Anyway nice to see one.

Also I'm going to have new feature in which I'll make a collage using an app called pic collage to put at the end of one of my posts again one day these photos will be mine!!!

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