Friday, 21 November 2014

Bird Sketches #3 Great White Egret & Hawfinch

Hi, today I decided to draw two ne birds from the bird family, a Heron and a Finch.
After getting back from school I began my work on the Great White Egret, this being a pure white bird in real life was a difficult bird to sketch as there is no pigment to emphasize. Shading came into it through shadows, so I used this to try and create a 3d figure. Although it's not my best sketch in the world it still is good practice. One lesson I learnt is to take more time on it so that no irregular proportions; shades or mistakes were made.
After having an enjoyable time drawing that another had to be made...
So yet again I asked my dad to state a random letter, H! As soon as he said that I thought Hawfinch, or Hobby. Hawfinch, it had to be, with its secretive character and humongous bill, there was no question.
This time I knew I had to spend at least an hour so off I went. The whole bird was fun to make and a really good way of improving my shading through prominent feather colouration. Next a head on view and last a quick minute sketch of the bill, and here's the result...
It looks better in real life, trust me ;) the head on view is a bit off but other than that I am fairly pleased, and is starting to make my art book look professional in terms of amount, of course not quality :)

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  1. Once again impressive sketches Alex i particularly like the Hawfinch , drawing is a great way to learn plumage's of birds , i did this when i first started birding sitting by lakes and drawing all the different duck species , great work mate keep it up :-)