Monday, 10 November 2014

Ringing, feeding and general work Saturday 8th November 2014

Hi, I had a full on day throughout Saturday, feeding different sites round the Marlborough Downs and inspecting the Swindon STW. We started off by having a late morning, wakeing up at 9:30! Which is incredible in ringing terms. Paul W picked me up from my house and we arrived in Swindon around 9:25, Matt, Paul A and Jack N had already arrived...

We decided to spilt up from the pack with Paul W and Matt and I acting as the journeymen. Our first farm was near Avebury, a beautiful village near some old standing stones. Although this farm seemed pretty derilict, life was still around with some pesky cats everywhere! While looking at the barns we all spotted at once this fast bird wizzng around some tyres, a Swallow! 8th November I may remind you, what a fantastic record of this poor bird, which unfortunately didn't want to make the huge trek towards South Africa. Matt told us that this was his latest ever record in Wiltshire, brilliant. By this time we were still sitting in the car waiting for this relentless rain to pass by... Paul W "Is that a Robin with an unusually long tail or something" he stated while pointing towards this small barn. Matt and I couldn't really tell although knowing that the habitat is countryside/buildings there was a slight inkling that it could be a Black Redstart. Swarovski's out and Matt had found it "You know what it is!" I was very excited as this is a new bird for me, after further inspection we narrowed it down to either a female or a 1st winter.
Thanks to Matt Prior for this photo:

Already a very eventful start, we even turned round to be escorted by 30 lovely Pied Wags, fantastic! While visiting a couple more sites Matt was telling us about what we could expect, "Hawfinch, Siskin and Willow Tit" had been said, how fantastic would that be? Two incredible birds being the Hawfinch and the Willow Tit, which sadly are in huge decline throughout the UK, and the Siskin which is another beautiful bird. A great days work followed until we arrived back to the Sewerage works to see Paul A having an enjoyable birdwatching trip, by satnding in the hide with his binoculars, trust him ;) he even managed to tell us off for not getting around enough sites, cheeky! The last best thing was seeing Matt walk his way round this chopped up reed bed, already 4 Snipes had flown out. Until this small one which went nearly until he stood on it, yes! A Jack Snipe, a brillinat little continental wader which hopefully this winter will find its way into one of our nets. Another lifer! 

Great work from all of us today which sets us up for the mammoth winter!

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  1. Great days birding and ringing Alex , well done on getting 2 new birds mate