Monday, 24 February 2014

February 15th Stover country park

I went down to Devon last week with my Grandma. We both thought that it would be a great idea to go to Stover country park. From now on I'll only do a brief explanation of what i have seen...

At the start of the walk by the front of the lake we found: 50 black headed gulls; 4 herring gulls; 2 lesser black backed gulls; 5 goosanders; 1 great crested grebe; 2 goldcrests; 2 robin2; 3 tufted ducks; 1 great tit heard calling and a about 10 hybirdized mallards.

We then set up camp with the lake behind us and the woods in front. It started off slowly but soon enough the birds became braver and we found: two black birds; 8 blue tits; 5 great tits; 2 coal tits; 3 beautiful nuthatches; 3 dunnock; 3 robins; 100 black headed gulls behind with a few nearly moulted into summer plumage; 3 goosanders; 4 tufted ducks; 1 different great crested grebe. My granny, Mama as we like to call her thought that it would be a good idea to place parts of a hot cross bun on our table. Sure enough the blue tits great tits and the coal which I don't reguarly see arrived. Then out of the blue this yellow finch landed on the tree in front of us then dorpped on the floor behind a clump of brambles it was a female siskin already a new bird!!! Soon after the nuthatches arrived My granny was very pleased to see them!

We carried along the side of the lake round towards this boardwalk I'm going to list the birds we saw before we got there: 3 robins; 1 marsh tit calling and feeding; 5 goosanders took off; summer plumaged black headed gull; 1 treecreeper which is a first for my grandma; 10 blue tit; 5 great tit; 1 great crested grebe; 4 tufted duck; and a few blackbirds.

Once we arrived at the boardwalk we were stunned by the sheer number of birds using the feeders there. We heard a great spotted woodpecker drumming a tree first then found: 1o chaffinch; 10 great tit; 15 blue tit; 5 coal tit; 1 male bullfinch; 3 nuthatch. While we went to leave i heard a lot of calling in a tree so looked up and found around 20 siskins in a tree it was fantastic.

Anyway had a great day and will be posting more tomorrow!!!

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