Thursday, 27 February 2014

Exe estuary cruise 16th February 2014

Hi guys,

Went on the Exe estuary cruise a few weeks back had a lot of fun. I'm going to list all the birds I saw on the trip and only will have a full report on the nice birds.

This is hopefully in taxonomic order pretty much...: Herring gull 150 possible argentus; black headed gull; 200; great black backed gull 15; lesser black backed gull 50; 2 little gull I'll explain later; 10 common gulls; wigeon 5+; teal 5+; mallard 2; curlew 150+; avocet 100+; sanderling 5+; Dunlin 1000+; 20+ turnstone; oystercatcher 150+; redshank 20+; greenshank 4; spotted redshank 1; slavonian grebe; red-breasted merganser 30+; little grebe 2; shag 15+; cormorant 10+; peregrine 1; carrion crow 20+; 10 shelduck; pied wagtail 1; sparrow 10;

When on the boat I found myself a little gull fly over the ferry. Next spotted the spotted redshank before the guide and finally saw the next little gull so pretty.


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