Sunday, 2 March 2014

Seaton Devon 17th February 2014

I went to Seaton a few weeks back had a great time. Didn't find a new bird but was still very pleased with what I saw and how the day went.

We started off by going to the visitors centre, to check out what was around. The wardens saw 1000's of lapwings and possibly heard a whooper swan in the night. We went to have a huge chat about what we've seen and of what importance. The man who was around 60 said "Here in Seaton we have the rarest bat in the UK the long-eared grey, have otters, water voles and went swimming once and had cuttlefish to display for me. Also got the first record of a rare transatlantic fish(can't recall the name). Finally I know a secret seahorse colony and has swam with a dolphin in the uk". What an amazing amount of stuff I was thinking. After the mammoth chat we went back on our selves to a hide that looked over the estuary and here's what we saw: black headed gull 100+; herring gull 25+; lesser black backed gull 15+; great black backed gull 10+; another little gull ;) ; cormorant 1; 10+ mallard; mute swan 5+; lapwing 1000+ And shelduck 5+. Sadly though they were repairing the tramlines at the time so scared off most of the birds midway through.

We then carried on down to the next hide saw quite a few bird I'll only list the new ones of the trip: robin 2; long-tailed tit 5+; dunnock 2+; chaffinch 5+; greenfinch 1; little grebe 2; redshank 10+; Wigeon 30+; And teal 5+.

Overall a great day out with birds to show for it!

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  1. Good luck with the blog Biff. I look forward to seeing some birdy pictures from SW England.