Monday, 3 March 2014

Bowling green marsh 18th February 2014

For the last day in Devon we thought that going to the trusty bowling green marsh would be a great idea.

We arrived there and heard loads of bird song so sounded promising. When going into the hide spotted a thrush like bird but was a really plain brown with no streaks, any idea?

I will now list what we saw in the hide: 1 curlew; 100 wigeon; 50 teal; 4 pochard 1 female with unusually bright blue bill; 1 tufted duck; 5 pintail; 5 shoveler; 10+ lapwing; 100+ dark bellied brent over; 10+ canada geese; 1 grey heron; 3+ moorhen at the back and 1 buzzard.
I then decided to go down to the goat walk.

On the way down i found a new bird heard from the trees there was an unusual call. So I looked up and saw a very bright yellow bird then spotted another with further investigations it was to become a cirl bunting. Recently introduced to the area this was a cracker. I'll now list the rest: 1 robin; 5 sparrow; 3 blue tit, and across in other wet areas: 1 snipe; 20 teal; 10 wigeon; 2 shoveler; 20 curlew; 2 magpie. I then carried on right by the area at the start of the goat walk: 500 BT godwits; 5 grey plover; 100 black headed gulls; 50 herring gulls; 1000 dunlin distant though and other waders I couldn't distinguish, also due to the birds flying there must've been a bird of prey hunting in the area.

I finished there after 20 minutes and turned back to the car, when I arrived my granny decribed a reed bunting feeding (there are feeders outside the hide) few blue tits, great tits, goldfinches, chaffinches and  greenfinches.

Another brilliant day out will be posting what I saw in Cornwall next...

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