Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Marazion and St Just 21st February 2014

I knew there were some unusual gulls at Marazion (glaucous, kumlien's and laughing) so thought that I should try my luck.

We (my grandad and I) started off by looking out at sea in the car park by marazion marsh. We met a fellow birder who said that he hadn't found anything it! We stayed there for about 20 minutes , saw no oddities but 2 great northern diver which was nice.

Next we went to the left of the sailing club which was where the surf scoter had been spotted. The expert of the area DK Parker was there and we did manage to find the 1w male surf scoter, not the most impressive compared to an adult but still worth a look at. The thing that pleased me the most was when I was looking through the gulls and found a Mediterranean gull. DK Parker said good spot so was very happy about that. Other than that though nothing else really: few sanderling; herring gulls; black headed gulls; lesser black backed and great black backed gulls also a lot of rock pipits going along the seafront.

Yet another new species so very pleased.

When I got back home my mum had just come back from a walk across the fields just in front of our cottage in St Just. She said that there were small birds with very long bills flying off from a field with a long grassy crop in. I immediately said snipe, so showed her the picture in my bird book and was confirmed. Pleased by this I decided to go out for another walk to check them out, there proved to be around 20 in two fields the size of a football pitch. So was again happy in seeing them.

Brilliant day with some truly great birds.

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