Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cot Valley 27th May 2014

I woke up again at 5 o'clock again to hear my sister screaming, "Alex, shut up"!
I ignored her but thought "At least I have an interest".

Again I was going down to Cot valley a beautiful valley near Land's End. When I reached a small house at the start of the valley I heard this fantastic call, it was a Song Thrush. In spring there call is very striking. Later I managed to get down the valley after seeing loads of other common but impressive birds. I had now reached the point in which I found the supposed cuckoo, it was there again! This time though I was able to see it sat down, to my amazement it was a tawny owl. Maybe not rare or fantastic but very hard to find in daylight. Also not many are found so was a good spot! The only other ok bird of note was a green woodpecker seen flying at the top end of the valley.

The same as yesterday it seemed to fizzle out with the latter birds being wrens or dunnocks, bboorrrriiinnng....

Anyway, exciting at parts but nice just to see the countryside.

Regard, Alex

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