Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Chiffchaff, Cot valley 29th May 2014

Hi, I went down to Cot valley again this morning expecting the same old, same old stuff, I was wrong...

The first thing I found were the pair of coughs I had been monitoring, they seemed well and also had another bird following them, the chick who knows... The trio were joined later by the local boy couple that had been trying to make a nest even though there from the same sex ;) When all 5 of them landed by the cliff I managed to sneak up on them and got to a range of 4 meters, what an experience!

I had now finished the birdwatch walk and was searching around this wood (close to where the tawny owl had been seen), next second I heard this call coming from nearby, at the time I hadn't heard this call and did cause a bit of confusion, and as soon as I found the bird I only had 5 seconds to think before it was off.
Now to the nitty gritty, I have been talking to people from the NGB (Next generation birders) and they have told me that even common chiffchaff calls can differ a lot, in other words have aberrations.
due to me seeing the bird for a few seconds I cannot confirm and didn't have time to notice the brighter yellow supercilium or eyebrow! Also i haven't reported yet partly because I was to nervous to make a mistake also because I haven't had time.

Later that day I went to Marazion marsh to find the purple heron, I was unsuccessful after an hour of searching. On the beach however, there were some nice waders including dunlin, common ringed plover and a solitary bar-tailed godwit.

Please leave a comment on your thoughts of the situation,
Regards, Alex

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