Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The choughs' 29th 28th May 2014

Hi, I went down to Cot valley yeasterday with my Grandad to see what the choughs' are up to. While walking to the breeding ground I found a spotted flycatcher! Now this always happens to me, once I find a new bird I see them nearly every day afterwards so predictable. What made it better though was that it was new for my grandad so did cause a bit of excitement.

Now we got to the breeding grounds we had to knuckle down and keep a bit more quite. The pair turned up once every 45 minutes on average so did take a while and at times was a bit tedious! While waiting I discovered a common whitethroat meadow pipits and a couple of linnets. The amount of birds was limiting due to the fact we were right by the cliff meaning there was less bird habitat.

We spent nearly 3 hours there enjoying the sunshine and the weather, hopefully next time though something more interesting may turn out...

Catch you all later, Alex

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