Friday, 30 May 2014

Marazion Marsh Surprise 30th May 2014


I went to Marzion marsh at about 3 o'clock. I met a local birder who has a substantial camera who was also looking for the purple heron. We spent one long half an hour searching through the reeds literally twitching at every grey heron that we saw, now that's odd! So after all that time no sign of it, reed, cetti's and sedge warblers made it a bit more worth while.

When the birder moved on I decided to go to long rock pool, and on the way saw loads of herons and as you're about to hear something interesting. So I stopped to look round the reeds and trees then saw this dark purple blob...

It was very hard to see and didn't seem to be moving so I moved on still thinking about it. After another scan with no luck I decided to go back and see if It was still there, as this was the greatest hope. It was still there but had moved, this proved to me that it was alive! Just then My Mum and Dad had just come back to pick me up,  I had to go :(

Later on I dived straight into my collins bird guide of confirmation it was, what a bird however, if another bird turns up I'll definitely take another look (for a nicer view). Great feeling when found out it was new post tomorrow,

Regards, Alex

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