Friday, 30 May 2014

The search 30th May 2014

So I went down to Cot valley in pursuit of the possible Iberian Chiffchaff with a recorder in my hand, I was ready for any possibility. But that was only if that possibility came around, it didn't.

I spent half an hour walking back and forth down this stretch of trees where the chiffchaff had been sighted yesterday. The common chiffchaff's were in full voice, teasing me that their little Spanish amigo had disappeared. I had blown it no camera at the time :( I will not count the sighting yesterday as a lifer because I don't have the evidence to support and superior expertise to back me up!

Later on I was seeing loads on common whitethroats, dunnocks and birds of prey, which were rather exciting. the first bird of prey was a kestrel that flew off from a gorse bush and headed to the other side of kenidjack valley, it looked like it had a vole in its talons, so quite a nice find knowing they're feeding well. After more goldfinches, whitethroats and Chaffinches I got to the other side of the valley. To lock upon a buzzard with another bit of food in his talons getting harassed by a pair of crows. Then out of the blue two peregrines attacked it by bombing what a sight if only I had a camera...

So the birds of prey were out in full force which is nice to hear, it's surprising the variety of wildlife in Two small valleys! Sorry for the disappointment of the Chiffchaff, I'll find one soon ;)

Regards, Alex

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