Monday, 9 June 2014

Aylesbeare 7th June 2014, NEW BIRD!!!

So after seeing a glimpse of a bird that showed characteristics of the Sylvia Undata ( ;) you like the intelligent language) yesterday evening my Grandma and I hopes were up. We arrived there by 11 and it was beautiful and sunny with a few birds singing and no one around the scene was set for the most elusive bird (in my opinion)! 

While walking to the "hotspot" I noticed out of the corner of my eye a small bird with a spindly stature singing and darting through the gorse... As soon as my binoculars were locked onto the target there it was, sat on the top of some gorse was a Dartford!!! Fantastic, the bird only showed for 5 seconds but was enough time to confirm our sighting. it was an adult male probably just sunbathing in the beautiful summer weather! 

While walking over to the main spot my Grandma reminded of the one yesterday, it confirmed that it was a Dartford Warbler, just sat on a dead piece of gorse. Next off we settled in at our familiar position, by the large dead stump. Again, another one popped up and as soon as I saw it I knew that it would be one of those days...

More and more turned up as I walked further along the path, soon hearing 3 at once! this suggests that they have had a great year, next thing I know though a pair fly up in a tree 5 metres away! I watched them for a minute or so but had to run back and boast my experiences to Mama as I call her! She was jealous for a second however another female popped up even closer to her, the challenge had been set best view of a Dartford!

When circling the dead stump I noticed a small bird fidgeting through the gorse, yet another Dartford this time however, I believed there to be a nest in the gorse somewhere! Throughout the day I noticed three common sites that the Dartford's were visiting, meaning there are three possible nest sites! Remember the challenge? well I had just pipped Mama with a Dartford Warbler 3 metres away singing in full voice for a minute, it was sublime! Wish I could experience this once again there's nothing quite like being by a bird that you have been searching for an accumulated 5 hours! COMMENT IF YOU KNOW WHAT I FELT!!!

Throughout the day we sighted them 14 times, we think that we saw at least five different birds! Now I don't find that too shabby... A very special day as you'll find out tomorrow after a new post...

When I have a field trip post I won't do a Bird Of The Day, Sorry!

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  1. Wow what a great birding session , i could watch Dartford Warblers all day to , well done mate