Monday, 16 June 2014

North Wyke bird walk 8th June 2014

after an eventful day before my Grandma told me that were in for yet more birdwatching...

We woke up at around 8:30 then at 9:00 we were off to this agricultural research centre. The first few birds that lead towards the centre were bullfinches around 3 pairs along a half a kilometre stretch. The first thing though (when we arrived there) was to see if I was able to join the walk! It may sound a bit unorganised but my Grandma wasn't able to contact the leader of the group Jerry. So we asked the question and it was reluctant yes!

The first bird that I found was on an evergreen tree, a spotted flycatcher. This was brilliant as I hadn't seen a spotted fly until recently. So we got onto the walk saw a few summer plumaged greenfinches so were well on our way to a great walk...

Maybe there was a bit to much explaining on the practices that they were doing but did set the scene and gave us a background picture on the purpose of the centre. Throughout the walk we saw quite a few warblers, ranging from the blackcap to the garden also the odd chiffchaff heard calling at the tops of trees. A few treecreepers were seen, at least two and another handful of nuthatches.

Later on we saw a possible pied flycatcher fly over and a willow warbler feeding low in a small meadow. After the first walk we had lunch then decided to have one more small walk covering the last part of the complex. Again I proved chief Spotted fly spotter finding two in a tree and maybe them mating. The fellow birdwatchers were very intested in my ability for identification and that I had just started ringing. Finally we saw a male Reed bunting singing in some reeds this gave the idea that there was a nest lurking somewhere in the reeds...

What a great day out with some lovely people, I hope my Grandma and i can do it once again sometime!

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  1. Excellent read Alex , great to see you are enjoying your birding :-)