Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kenidjack and Cot valley, an amazing place...


Sorry for not posting yesterday, none of the birds were that interesting!

Today I am going to be talking about the two fantastic neighbouring valleys  that are situated in the beautiful south-west Cornwall. I have been going there since  I was born, and it never gets old... I have seen some cracking birds down there such as a dusky warbler down kenidjack and recently a possible Iberian chiffchaff singing in some woods down cot. But it's not all about the rarities, in fact seeing a lovely tawny owl down cot valley recently is a bonus to all the time and error I put in down there!

But why don't I go to Porthgwarra and more? Well  having two renowned valleys that don't get  checked often makes if way more interesting. Also having the first record of the yellow-throated vireo in the western palearctic is something! The changing seasons bring a great deal to the valley from winter to winter many different birds ranging in size and stature stay in thee two wonderful valleys for me to spot.

The natives are still unique like the, Chough that has recently colonised here and have started to spread, reaching Devon not so long ago. These specialised birds flock in Winter, and I have seen 16 in one flock. Peregrines also circulate the cliff sometimes sitting on rocks for hours on end, showing off their sheer beauty. My favourite however is not a single bird but all of them in Spring when they all sing in full voice with the sedge warbler towering above with its rattling voice.

Anyway thought I'd share this with you and just makes you appreciate the lucky place I am able to go to.

Comment if you'd like me to do more of these,

Regards, Alex

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