Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bird Of The Day No. 4 The Woodcock IT'S BACK!

My Opinion: Even though I have never seen one before the pictures show you just how pretty this bird is. It's a unique foraging wader which lives in the woodland and picks worms out of the ground. Most nights in the summer it'll fly up and do a display called roding. This is where the males are trying to display to the picky females, the better the rode the better the female. Their camouflage make it practically impossible to find it in a forest, throughout the day they mostly stay stationary, keeping safe from the dangers. The large black eyes suggest their dark foraging tactic and may indicate new habits never recorded at night...

Interesting fact: The strange eyes that are pointing upwards have a 360 degree view. This again makes it harder for the predator to catch it.

Identification: A medium sized bird, wader shaped, 20cm long bill, camouflaged brown colour and remains still, unless stood on!

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