Friday, 6 June 2014

Bird Of The Day No. 6 The Dartford Warbler


My Opinion: Now this bird has been a pest for many days now! I have been too Aylesbeare for about four days now and have never had any luck... Nearly every time we go there my Grandma teases me after seeing them and tells me about how a man recently saw 5 birds in one spot! today in fact I went there fairly late on and felt the affects of the incoming storm due to the wind and slight chill. Never the less we carried on going and walked to the prime spot for the Dartford. Straight away there was a small bird just a bit larger than wren sat on a tall dead piece of gorse, due to seeing it only for a few seconds I can't jump straight into the deep end so to speak! However my Grandma who is very honest believed it to be a Darty. Anyway, aside from the new I believe it to be one of the nicest native birds, with its beautiful pinkish colour, and slaty grey. It in my opinion is the only true sylvia warbler as it has the proper characteristics. After all the failed attempts I will still never give in to this truly wonderful selective bird.

Interesting fact: In the 1960's due to harsh winters the small warbler plummeted to only a couple of pairs since then however, it has gradually increased to a stable population.

identification: A small bird with a neat plumage including half slaty blue half pale pink. It generally sits on top of tall gorse bushes and has a harsh call. Also it has only two recognised sights: Aylesbeare and the Dorset pebble heath.

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