Sunday, 3 August 2014

Pink Grasshopper surprise!

carrying on from yesterdays post I forgot to include a unique Grasshopper that caught my eye when finishing up seawatching...
There were many grasshoppers springing up from my feet, some brown, some green and some mixed, but another with a very interesting colouration!

PINK!!! Would you believe it! Of course this grasshopper wasn't photographed in its natural habitat but gives more contrast and lets me have time to think of the possibilities. Before reaching the true identity of this discoloured Meadow Grasshopper, I had walked for 30 minutes with this little fidget in my left hand! Anyway... After research and searching through the back of my mind I managed to find or remember that this is an early nymph stage of the female Meadow Grasshopper. They rarely are found and if found are normally picked up by the predators! But not every early nymph female grasshopper has this colour the main factor is breeding with similar genes, understandably living by the sea on the south-west coast on a small patch of grass does have the possibility of interbreeding and gene matches, which leads to this (mess)!

Hope you enjoyed this little lecture on Pink Grasshoppers, and as you'll soon find out, very important information through life!

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