Monday, 4 August 2014

SSTW CES 10, 3rd August 2014

knowing that I'm not going to be doing ringing for a month or so I realised that coming back late on the Saturday night from Cornwall it had to be worth it!

I woke up at 4:40 AM then left at 5 to reach the Sewerage Treatment Works at 5:30. As soon as I got into the car I new he was excited about something and that something was nets set around one of the treatment tanks with the aim of catching Sandpipers and Gulls! As soon as we got there we found "the" Common Sandpiper that Matt was specifically targeting, a peppering of Black-Headed Gulls and another Green Sandpiper, the bird I've always wanted to ring! While extracting the birds yet another Green Sandpiper launched itself into one of the nets to our delight.

Matt was kind enough to let met extract one of the Green Sandpipers from the wader nets. A new tick for me. BINGO, when arriving back to the ringing station Matt made me scribe later to ring one of the these Green beauties! Furthermore I could get my new camera out and show you what we had rung in a few shots!
Common Sandpiper, showing wingbar!
Both the Common (left) and Green (right) Sandpiper

We also managed to re-encounter a kingfisher!
Quite chirpy this one!
Another brilliant bird was a "new" Lesser Whitethroat", this makes it clear how well the year has been for them, the best year ever for this site.
Pristine plumage.
Sadly I wasn't able to take a picture of me holding "my" Green Sandpiper. But hey ho, ringing one made my day and experiencing their beauty up close.
My totals for today are as followed: Green Sandpiper 1, Black-headed Gull 1, Blackbird 2, Reed Warbler 3, Garden Warbler 1, Long-Tailed Tit 2, Blackcap 3, Robin 1, Sedge Warbler 1, Magpie 1, Wren 3, Chiffchaff 2, Song thrush 2.

As well as extracting both the Black-Headed Gull and Green Sandpiper.
Another thing about the site is after the ringing session my trainer Matt managed to get up once more and spent three hours cutting back the reeds for waders on passage. Fingers crossed a Greenshank, Dunlin, more Green and Common sands, Redshank, Little Ringed Plover, Godwit will pop in ;)

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